Most Blessed Virgin, whose heart
is sorrowful and Immaculate,
we recognize you as the Lady
and the Queen of this house.
Have the kindness to preserve it
from any evil,
from the fire, floods, thunder, storms,
earthquake, from robbers,
wicked people, persecutions,
and from any other evil known by you.

Bless, protect, defend, and preserve
as your personal property
those who live and will live here.
Keep them away from adversity
and misfortune,
but above all, preserve them
from offending God.
Let not a single mortal sin
be ever committed in this house.

And may all those who enter it,
work for the glory of God,
for the reign of Jesus.
Let this house be forever consecrated
to you, O Jesus and Mary.
May all who will inhabit this house
be a blessing to it.